lasik eye surgery

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Kellen is a mechanical engineer who was tired of wearing contacts every day. The inconvenience of eye exams, changing prescriptions and ordering new contacts was getting old after ten years. Our LASIK surgeon, Dr. Reed, corrected Kellen’s vision, and it forever changed his life. Hear more about Kellen’s LASIK surgery experience in the video above.

We often perform LASIK on both eyes at the same time because our eye surgeons believe it’s not only safe, but also convenient for the patient and the recovery process. If you’re nervous about your LASIK surgery, we can correct your vision one eye at a time. Dr. Reed explains more about your LASIK candidacy and procedure in the video above.

A patient's safety is the eye doctor's first priority in laser vision correction. Not only must the health of the eyes and the health of the patient be considered while critical standards of eligibility must be met. Eye testing with non-routine scans and devices help to inform patients of their eligibility for laser eye surgery, ensuring the safest possible choice for each patient.

Custom laser vision correction, using sophisticated iris tracking, is the latest advance in the field of laser vision correction. We all have unique imperfections in our eyes, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, sometimes in combination. Irregularities happen because of the way our eye bends light, and these unique imperfections are known by eye care professionals as 'wavefront abnormalities'.