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Woman after LASIK eye surgeryThere are a lot of questions that you may have if you are considering laser vision correction surgery. By researching those questions, you have taken an important step towards understanding how this procedure can safely and effectively improve your vision when performed by an experienced surgeon using the right equipment.

Dr. Seydel treated a patient with a rare degenerative eye disease called keratoconus. Keratoconus patients are unfortunately ineligible for LASIK surgery, since it is not a refractive eye condition. However, with the right type of contact lenses, sight can be restored. Dr. Seydel was able to test and find the right contacts for this patient, who was amazed at being able to see clearly again.

Dr. Nilu Maboudi initially wanted to become a pediatrician; however, she met an ophthalmologist in a chance encounter who convinced her to give ophthalmology a try. She studied it for a month and fell in love, prompting her to enter into an ophthalmology residency. Since then, she's never looked back. Watch the video to hear her talk about her journey.

Dr. Maboudi has over ten years of experience in LASIK vision correction and other ophthalmology services.

A patient's safety is the eye doctor's first priority in laser vision correction. Not only must the health of the eyes and the health of the patient be considered while critical standards of eligibility must be met. Eye testing with non-routine scans and devices help to inform patients of their eligibility for laser eye surgery, ensuring the safest possible choice for each patient.