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January 06, 2021

One common question we receive here at Griffin and Reed Eye Care from patients considering LASIK eye surgery is will LASIK last forever and will they need a repeat procedure in the future?

The answer depends on each individual.  Each patient...

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November 18, 2020

It is estimated that over 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. While contact lenses have come along way over the years to become virtually undetectable and far more comfortable to wear, there can be issues with continued long-term contact lens wear.



  1. Contact lens temporarily improve vision.

  2. Dry eyes and irritated eyes.

  3. Increased risk of eye infection over the long term use on contacts

All of these issues can play a role in...

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October 08, 2020

One of the most common questions patients ask about LASIK here at Griffin and Reed Eye Care is if LASIK hurts. While the thought of laser eye surgery can seem daunting, the LASIK procedure itself is virtually painless. Your doctor prescribes several medications for your surgery. One of those is a relaxant pill that is taken about thirty minutes before surgery. This medication helps with nervousness and also makes you drowsy so that after surgery you can go home and take a nap.

While you might experience some pressure...

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June 10, 2020

Griffin and Reed Eye Care is now open and seeing patients. As always, the health and safety of our patients is our primary concern.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, have had contact with a COVID 19 positive patient, or are COVID positive yourself - we ask that you postpone your visit to our office.; Please contact your primary care physician to obtain further guidance.

If you do visit one of our offices, we continue to follow safety guidelines and procedures from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (...

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March 02, 2020
It's 2020 and time to FOCUS on eye health.  Griffin and Reed's Dr. Mabodi was recently on Fox 40's Studio Live to discuss Lasik, eye health and getting ready for Spring with some of our designer glasses.
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November 04, 2019

On-Air Interview with Dr. Kim & Dr. Maboudi

At Griffin and Reed, we have a talented Team of Doctors and Patient Coordinators that are dedicated to providing the highest quality of eye care available. We have been performing these procedures for over twenty-five years and are leaders in our field.

We love to share our passion for LASIK and overall eye health with our community and increase awareness about Griffin and Reed and the life-changing procedures we perform. Recently two of our doctors, Dr. Kwang Kim and Dr. Nilu Maboudi, were interviewed on several radio stations by Entercom...

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June 24, 2019

LASIK recovery is generally a quick and simple process. Even so, patients tend to have questions about resuming their daily routines after undergoing blade-free, all-laser LASIK.

Rest assured that the experienced laser vision correction surgeons at Griffin & Reed Eye Care will give you a detailed post-operative care plan to follow. They will also take the time to answer any specific questions that you may have about the recovery period. In the meantime, keep reading for the answer to a frequently asked question, “When can I wash my face after LASIK?”

A Guide to Post-LASIK Facial Cleansing...

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June 06, 2019

LASIK is an excellent way for patients to reduce or eliminate their dependency on glasses and contacts. The best way to find out if blade-free, all-laser LASIK is right for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our laser vision correction surgeons.

The infographic below provides basic information about LASIK candidacy criteria. If these points apply to you, then you are likely a great candidate for LASIK. However, a comprehensive examination is necessary to know for sure.


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April 24, 2019

The food that you eat impacts the health of your entire body. Your eyes are no exception; what you consume can help support your visual health. Keep reading to learn what foods might facilitate healing after blade-free, all-laser LASIK, and what foods rank among the best for continued eye health.

A Few Great Post-LASIK Foods

Healthy food to eat after LASIK at Griffin & Reed Eye CareWith some types of surgery, you can’...

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April 17, 2019

With summer right around the corner, you’re daydreaming about plunging into the pool or visiting a beautiful California beach. However, if you rely on glasses or contacts to see, you know it isn’t that easy. Wearing contacts around water is a recipe for infection and wearing frames while swimming is a hassle.  

One of the most significant benefits of blade-free, all-laser LASIK is the ability to see clearly during any activity. After LASIK, you can swim without worrying about corrective lenses. But you can’t take a dip right away, so keep reading to learn about avoiding water during your LASIK recovery....

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