Can I Go Swimming After LASIK?

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Swimming after LASIK at Griffin & Reed Eye Care With summer right around the corner, you’re daydreaming about plunging into the pool or visiting a beautiful California beach. However, if you rely on glasses or contacts to see, you know it isn’t that easy. Wearing contacts around water is a recipe for infection and wearing frames while swimming is a hassle.  

One of the most significant benefits of blade-free, all-laser LASIK is the ability to see clearly during any activity. After LASIK, you can swim without worrying about corrective lenses. But you can’t take a dip right away, so keep reading to learn about avoiding water during your LASIK recovery.

Swimming During LASIK Recovery

LASIK recovery is a quick and easy process. Most patients are able to drive and return to work the day after their procedure. During your consultation, you will learn more about what to expect during the healing process.

When it comes to soaking in hot tubs or swimming, you’ll need to wait for a little while. Our laser vision correction surgeons recommend that you steer clear of those activities for two weeks after LASIK. This will ensure that your eyes heal properly while avoiding any potential complications.

Worrying about glasses and contacts can ruin a fun day. You’ll notice that it’s more convenient and enjoyable to swim after LASIK. While you may have to miss a few trips to the pool at first, it’s worth a lifetime of clear vision.

Other Post-LASIK Water Considerations

There are a few more post-LASIK water restrictions and considerations to be aware of. First off, you can shower and bathe after your procedure. However, you need to avoid getting water, shampoo, or soap in your eyes during the healing process. When you dry off, be careful not to rub your eyes with a towel.

When you do go into a pool or hot tub, avoid opening your eyes under water. This is a good rule of thumb for everyone, regardless of whether you have had LASIK or not. Chlorine and other chemicals are hard on the tear film of your eyes and can lead to temporary dryness, discomfort, and redness.

Keep in mind that pools are chlorinated and disinfected. Natural bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and rivers may have higher levels of bacteria as well as irritating particles of dirt and sand. You can still swim in these places, but consider taking precautions — like wearing goggles — to protect your eyes. If you have any questions about swimming after LASIK, don’t hesitate to ask our staff.

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