Custom LASIK - is there a difference and when do you recommend it?

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Custom laser vision correction, using sophisticated iris tracking, is the latest advance in the field of laser vision correction. We all have unique imperfections in our eyes, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, sometimes in combination. Irregularities happen because of the way our eye bends light, and these unique imperfections are known by eye care professionals as 'wavefront abnormalities'.

With the very latest CustomVue or Wavefront treatments, Sacramento LASIK eye care professionals can treat what glasses and contact lenses correct as well as the unique abnormalities that cannot be corrected with corrective lenses.

Within the field of LASIK surgery, surgeons sometimes must retreat patients whose LASIK procedure did not provide optimum results. Surgeons work hard to keep their retreatment rates low and automatically recommend the more expensive CustomVue or Wavefront treatments to their patients when, in actuality, traditional LASIK might work just as well. This is done in an effort to reduce the surgeon's retreatment rate, because the patient has as much as a 35% better chance of achieving 20/25 vision with custom LASIK.

Approximately one third of all nearsighted and astigmatic patients truly do need custom laser vision correction, which offers these specific patients more benefits. The best way for you to know about all of your options is to discuss every available treatment and its costs with your LASIK professional so you can be an informed and educated patient when making the decision that is right for you.