Monovision Patient Amanda Shares Her Griffin & Reed Eye Care Experience

Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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Amanda was severely nearsighted and considered legally blind without her glasses or contact lenses. She came to see Dr. Kim at Griffin & Reed Eye Care and decided to have monovision to correct her eyesight. Amanda was astounded at the immediate difference in her vision. The afternoon after her eye surgery, Amanda's near vision was already noticeably better, and over a short period of time, her distance vision became clear as well.

Our eye doctors and staff take pride in providing a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere to all of our patients. We are always happy to see the joy in our patients’ eyes when they see clearly for the first time. Learn more about Amanda’s monovision experience in the video above.

If you’re interested in monovision or LASIK, please contact our eye doctors in Sacramento or Roseville today at (916) 485-2020 to schedule your free evaluation. Griffin & Reed Eye Care serves clients in Sacramento, Roseville and nearby areas of California.