What Are My LASIK Options If I Am Over 40?

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The aging process causes your near vision to slowly degrade once you turn 40. Many of our patients over the age of 40 wonder what their options are for LASIK eye surgery. You have a few choices for vision correction, which are outlined in the video above. These options include:

  1. You can have LASIK eye surgery performed on both eyes to correct your distance vision, but you will still need reading glasses after 40 and computer glasses in your 50s.
  2. You can have monovision, which corrects your dominant eye for distance while leaving your non-dominant eye slightly nearsighted—around 90 percent of our patients over 40 choose monovision, including one of our laser surgeons, Dr. Reed.

Monovision is a great way to give you back your vision and allows you to live without glasses as much as possible in your 40s. However, as you get into your 50s and 60s, your natural eye lens will continue to become less flexible and you will need over-the-counter reading glasses.

If you’re over 40 and are interested in vision correction, please contact our laser surgeons in Sacramento today at (916) 485-2020. Griffin & Reed Eye Care serves patients throughout California including Sacramento and Roseville.