Is LASIK the Best Option for Me if I Have Cataract Problems?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Occasionally, you’ll have somebody come in who has early cataract change, but not significant enough that they’re qualified under insurance guidelines or Medicare guidelines to have it done. And whether they’re Medicare or not, Medicare calls the shot on what qualifies, and it’s not a real generous guideline, and I understand that.

We do have patients who when presented with the option of doing laser vision correction now, and in maybe eight to ten years, needing cataract surgery. Sometimes, in those cases, a better option for them to consider [is] just doing a refractive lens exchange and replacing the lens they have with one of these multifocal implants because you can actually correct their vision just as well, and you pre-empt the need for cataract surgery later on. You’re basically doing lens replacement before the cataract's developed enough to cause visual disability.

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