Addressing Common LASIK Fears and Myths

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Your eyes are your windows to the world. It is only natural that you may experience some apprehension when you think about eye surgery. At Griffin & Reed Eye Care, we understand that your concerns and questions need to be addressed in order for you to feel assured in choosing LASIK.

We are deeply committed to your comfort throughout your LASIK journey, from your initial consultation to your surgery and aftercare.

We believe that an educated patient is a relaxed patient, so our surgeons take as much time as you need to ensure all of your questions are thoroughly answered. When you know what to expect, your fears will vanish.

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Common LASIK Fears and Myths

The truth is that LASIK is a very common and safe procedure when performed with the right equipment. Millions of people worldwide have chosen LASIK to see more clearly without glasses and contacts. With the prevalence of LASIK procedures, a variety of myths have sprung up and circulated over the years, leading to fear in patients considering LASIK.

Often, simply understanding what LASIK is all about and what to expect during the procedure is enough to eliminate fear of LASIK. Let's dissect some of these common fears and separate LASIK fact from fiction.


Myth: I Could Lose My Eyesight

This is unfortunately the first myth that comes to mind for many people when they hear the words “LASIK surgery.” However, when you select a highly skilled surgeon with proven surgical outcomes, who uses well-maintained, advanced bladeless LASIK equipment, it makes all the difference. The risk of serious complications after LASIK surgery is less than 1 percent, and it is rare for a patient's vision to worsen following the LASIK procedure. Any vision disturbances that occur post-surgery can often be solved with retreatment.

Myth: The Procedure Is Painful

You will not be able to feel a thing. You are conscious during LASIK, and that has led to the myth that you will feel pain during the procedure. Although conscious, you are under mild sedation, and numbing drops will be used in your eyes. Some patients feel a bit of pressure, but there is no pain with this procedure.

Myth: The Laser Is Dangerous

LASIK does involve a laser, and according to every science fiction movie you’ve probably ever seen, those are dangerous tools. So it stands to reason that you may be hesitant to trust lasers after all the Hollywood versions have infiltrated your thinking. However, LASIK uses highly sophisticated equipment that tracks your eye movement and allows the synchronization of the laser pulses to your eye movement.

For comparison, the tracking system on the laser we utilize is similar to the missile tracking systems on jet fighters. Specifically, if you were to move your eye out of the tracking area of the laser (which is extremely rare) the laser will stop in 1/50th of a second, reacquire the target area and then proceed as directed by your surgeon.

Is the laser beam hot?  No.  The cool laser beam on our laser only contacts each eye for a few seconds to gently reshape your corneal tissue.

The reason we prefer the Alcon WaveLight EX500 is that:

  • It performs the laser treatment in a quarter of the time of other lasers. This provides predictable results for the patient because of less corneal dehydration during treatment.
  • The EX500 is also the first and only laser in the U.S. to measure corneal thickness in a non-contact method while the patient is under the laser, adding yet another layer of safety for the patient.
  • The EX500 operates at 1050 Hz instead of the more standard 60Hz of the Visx laser, allowing for dramatically increased precision and less incidence of night vision issues and halos produced by less sophisticated technology. 

The bottom line is this: If we ourselves were lying under a laser or doing vision correction for a family member, we would want to use an Alcon WaveLight EX500.  Therefore, we use it on everyone since we believe in the golden rule.

Myth: If I Blink During the Procedure, Things Will Go Horribly Wrong

Many patients express a concern about blinking during the procedure. This is impossible due to a special retainer that gently helps to keep your eye open.

Myth: LASIK Uses a Scalpel to Cut Eye Tissue

Unlike most LASIK providers, blade-free, all-laser LASIK done at Griffin & Reed Eye Care does not involve the use of a scalpel or blade of any kind to create the corneal flap. LASIK surgery at our practice uses the highly advanced Ziemer Z4 Femtosecond Laser (blade-free LASIK) to create the corneal flap. Therefore, at our practice, there is absolutely no reason to fear that your eye will be damaged during LASIK surgery.

Talk to Our LASIK Surgeons

We hope this information helps you to better understand the LASIK procedure. We believe that the more you know about what to expect, the more comfortable you will feel, and the more enthusiastically you will approach this very safe surgery that has improved the lives and vision of so many.

The best way to be completely prepared for your LASIK procedure is to talk frankly and openly with one of our qualified LASIK surgeons, all of whom are truly compassionate and highly trained to answer all of your questions.

Discover how LASIK can bring your world into focus. If you are considering LASIK, call Griffin & Reed Eye Care at 916-485-2020 or fill out our online contact form.