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"Laser vision correction has transformed eye care. By the time the kids of today reach their twenties, it will be just as natural for them to have LASIK surgery as it would be today to have braces."

Nilu Maboudi M.D. joined Griffin & Reed Eye Care in July of 1999. Dr. Maboudi attended the University of California, Los Angeles and... Read More

“Laser vision correction can positively influence many facets of everyday life. Patients convey the joy and wonder of driving, participating in hobbies, sports and countless other activities without the need for glasses or contacts. This is the aspect of refractive surgery that I enjoy the most. My first and foremost goal is delivering quality patient care and I feel reassured that we are... Read More

Jocelyn Kim-Dunlavey M.D. grew up in Southern California. She attended UCLA where she obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Economics. The summer prior to her senior year, Dr. Dunlavey traveled to Honduras to aid coffee farmers and start a cooperative to help improve their lives. During this trip, she helped with medical brigades that were in Honduras, sparking her interest in medicine... Read More

Carmen Moreno O.D. is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in neurology, physiology and behavior. She continued her education at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry to pursue her Doctor of Optometry degree and graduated in May 2012. Dr. Moreno received extensive training in contact... Read More

"Approaching refractive surgery from a patient's perspective, I appreciate the hopes and concerns that they all have about the precious gift of sight. Since childhood, I was burdened with high myopic-astigmatism. For me to function, I depended on thick glasses or uncomfortable contact lenses. Then, in July of 1994 my life changed. I had laser vision correction! The world became clear for me... Read More

Dr. Griffin, retired in 2000, is currently spending most of this time teaching physicians in other countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Africa, etc., advanced ophthalmological techniques in order to help them to be able to provide better care to their patients. You may see Dr. Griffin in the halls from time to time when he stops by to say hello.

Laser vision... Read More