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Can I get one pair of glasses that will work for every activity – driving, sports, reading, etc.?

Yes. You could have progressive glasses that transition smoothly from one distance to the next, instead of having a sharp change as in bifocals and trifocals. You could also have them treated with a Transitions® tint which will darken them in sunlight and lighten them again when you go indoors.

These are known as photochromic or photochromatic glasses. Chemical reactions occur, triggered by the sun’s UV rays, and the glasses absorb some of the visible light. This darkens them. The chemical change reverses when you go indoors.

What are the best type of sunglasses for eye health?

  • Ultraviolet rays: Once any cells in the eye’s lens are damaged by UV rays, they do not recover. Over the years such damage builds up and forms cataracts – opaque areas which block light and eventually cause blindness. Therefore you want sunglasses that have a UV block. Most will block the UVB rays but some perform poorly in blocking the UVA rays. They cost less. Buy the best you can find. We offer excellent sunglasses in our Optical Shop.
  • Glare and brightness: The U.S. Military has set high sunglasses standards for its personnel. They specify that sunglasses should let only 15 percent of bright light through. Sudden brightness is uncomfortable and stressful for the eyes. So get sunglasses that admit no more than about 20 percent of light.
  • Polarized lenses: Stick to polarized glasses because they are good against reflected light, as off snow or water. Light travels in waves of photons. Polarized glasses block horizontal light waves and admit only vertical rays.

How can I choose the frames which fit best?

Our opticians will help with this, by evaluating your facial shape and explaining the best options. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced and can help you make the right decision.

What are the best glasses for a child to wear during sports?

We can offer you comfortable glasses with athletic frames. They will be durable and will not fall off. Polycarbonate lenses are best as they are resistant to scratching and shattering, and are strong and lightweight. Our opticians will be happy to answer any questions you have.

My child is very nearsighted but hates to wear thick glasses. Are there any options?

Yes. You could get polycarbonate and high index lenses. They can correct severe myopia without being thick.

How often should I have my eyes tested?

You should have it done every year. We can check your eyes for any developing abnormalities and update your prescription. If you delay or skip an annual eye check when your prescription needs changing, you can develop eye strain, headaches and chronic tension.

For more information please see our page on Optical Glasses and Contact Lenses.

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