Dr. Maboudi on a Memorable Patient at Griffin & Reed Eye Care

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: You know, there are just so many stories of patients who come back year after year and refer all their friends and family. Actually, there's one that, actually, I operated not refractive surgery, but cataract surgery on the grandfather who then referred his grandson to us, and the grandson had it done, and next the grandmother came and was telling me how the son had just changed so much after having had laser vision correction because he was always hiding behind the glasses, and he always felt that he was just not very attractive, and he wasn't very active.

After having LASIK surgery, he became just so much more active, started pursuing different interests, and it's just changed his life and changed his personality where he was very shy and wouldn't talk very much just became much more open, and they were all very pleased from the grandmother to the mother to the grandson.

It never gets old in that the patients are so instantaneously gratified. In medicine, there's not many things that, so quickly, give you such a positive feedback and patients recover so quickly and do so well and are so grateful with it. So, it's just a very gratifying procedure to do for patients.

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