What is KAMRA™ and Can it Help My Presbyopia?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: One of the most unhappy, and sometimes desperate, patients you see is the person who’s had fantastic distance, and near vision all their life, until they hit their mid-40s and suddenly their arms aren’t long enough. They can’t read anything. They can’t see their cellphone. They can’t read their iPad. They can’t see their computer screen. They certainly can’t read the newspaper, and they’re unhappy, and then what they notice is sometimes in a few years they can’t see the freeway signs like they used to.

Patients, especially who’ve had LASIK in the past, and are so used to being spectacle-free all of a sudden now start losing the ability to read up close, which we all do. It’s part of aging. We can’t stop it.

There are some great innovations coming, and are here now actually, that allow us to be able to help those people, and one of those is a new technique called KAMRA™, K-A-M-R-A. A fascinating procedure where we create a little pocket inside the cornea and slide this tiny implant in that’s less than a human red cell thick, but that has a small opening in it that allows people to read. And, it’s only done in one eye. It’s done in the non-dominant eye similar to Monovision with laser, but it’s not a laser procedure, it’s a little implant that goes in, and it allows them to maintain their distance vision in both eyes, but it brings depth of focus and reading back into the non-dominant eye, so it has a similar effect in a sense that Monovision does, but it doesn’t decrease your distance, it improves it. It remains good distance, but you can actually read as well.

So, patients who maybe are presbyopic and let’s say we’re trying contact lenses on them in Monovision fashion and they just don’t like it because they don’t like the disparity between their two eyes, it makes them feel too catawampus. That might be a patient that would be a good candidate for KAMRA™ Inlay.

And, it’s a great procedure, and it’s actually the coming wave of what we have to offer people who are now becoming presbyopic as they age. There’s all kinds of new other exciting things coming down the road.

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