How Likely is it that I Will Need a Post-LASIK Enhancement?

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: There’s a certain variability in the healing process that goes on in all patients, but the more laser treatment we do, the chances of an enhancement increase slightly. So, for example, if you’re in the low range—in the minus one to six range—the chances of an enhancement are less than five percent. Sometimes, down as low as one to two percent. If you start to get into the range like the young lady I saw today who is minus 10, her chances of an enhancement is about one in ten that she’ll need a touchup. She’ll still probably be—after one treatment, even if she regresses a little bit—she’ll still be seeing a lot of drive without correction, but to get her to 20/20, she may need a touch-up.

When we see our patients the first time, we take a look at their prescription, and we let them know: Hey, with patients your age, your prescription, this is what we’ve gotten in the past year. There might be a two percent touch-up rate. There might be a higher percent, up to seven percent depending on what your prescription is, and again, I think it is fair to let patients know not the national data, not data from studies from 15 years ago, but patients like them with us in the past year.

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