ReSTOR® Lens

Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, & nearby areas of California

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The ReSTOR® lens from Alcon has revolutionized the art of vision repair. This innovative lens uses a revolutionary apodized diffractive technology to give patients a full range of quality vision (near, intermediate and distance) that greatly increases their independence from glasses after cataract or refractive surgery. The ReSTOR® Lens is most noted for its ability to deliver enhanced up close reading vision. The lens helps individuals 40 and older see near, intermediate and far - without corrective eyewear, including reading glasses.

The ReSTOR® lens is made of AcrySof. The lens divides light through a process called "apodization". This is done by a series of steps on the lens. These steps are larger at the lens center, the step height decreases away from the lens center and the smaller the step, the lower the proportion of energy that is directed to near focus.

In March, the Food and Drug Administration approved AcrySof® ReSTOR® intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract patients with and without presbyopia. Presbyopia refers to diminished visual abilities, primarily not being able to read fine print. The main cause of presbyopia is the aging of the material in the eye. This usually occurs after 40 years of age. In the past, LASIK surgeons performed a monovision procedure, which corrected one eye for distance, the other for near. However, not all patients could tolerate this. The ReSTOR® lens truly addresses, and solves, this problem.

One study revealed that 84 percent of patients who received the AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens in both eyes achieved distance visual acuity of 20/25 or better and near visual acuity of 20/30 or better. These patients no longer need the assistance of contact lenses or glasses! In comparison, only 23 percent of the conventional or monofocal control group achieved this level.

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