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Excellent overall service. Very friendly staff. I had laser vision correction because my eyes were getting worse as I got older and with my occupation (detective) and active lifestyle, glasses were impractical.

-Tom R.

Wonderful people. I am so happy to have had Dr. Reed perform my Lasik. He was very professional, sincere and caring. My friend, Renee influenced my decision to select Griffin & Reed. Your staff has it "down Pat". Thank you.

-Michelle R.

Staff was kind and friendly. Surgery went fine with no problems. I wore contacts lenses and glasses for over 15 years.

-Cindy S.

Everything was great. I can tell you are a good place to work by the attitude of your staff. I heard positive recommendations from friends and co-workers about Griffin & Reed.

-JoAnne I.

Why didn't I do this sooner! Your office didn't feel like a Dr. office. It was comfortable. I was nervous but I knew I was in good hands. That was comforting. You didn't twist my arm. You gave me all the info, good and bad, so I could make an informed decision and be comfortable with my decision. As far as I am concerned Griffin & Reed should be the only one (eye care) in business. They know their stuff.

-Renee C.

Easy, feel good day! I came to you because of Dr. Tran at Brookside Optometric.

-Sue S.

People were happy and helpful. It was uneventful. I trust you.

-Melia F.

Dr. Reed was excellent. By telling me what was happening during the procedure, I was very comfortable. I had LASIK at Griffin & Reed Eye Care due to the excellent reputation; attending a seminar and having all questions and concerns answered; referrals. My experience was excellent.

-Marianne P.

I was very nervous but Dr. Reed was very calming and I felt good about the surgery. Everything was great!

-Shelly M.

The staff was very professional. Everything was great. The seminar was very informative, consultation visit explained the procedure thoroughly - additional visits until I had surgery were productive! I was recommended by your previous clients.

Thank you!

-Lara Z.