Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, & nearby areas of California

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Thorough. Knowledgeable. Confidence. My wife had a great experience and I wanted the best when it comes to my eyes.

-Rich R.

I felt very well informed about the procedure. Both Dr. Reed and Dr. Seydel provided pre-surgery information that made the procedure stress free and comfortable. It was a "retirement gift" to myself! My husband and I were extremely impressed with our son-in-law's experience with LASIK. It was a life-changing procedure that allowed him to have a career in law enforcement. I chose Griffin & Reed based on my own positive impression on his follow-up visit. My entire experience has been great!

-Gloria S.

Everyone was professional and helpful. This put me at ease at the time of surgery. I had Laser Vision Correction because I was tired of wearing glasses. Originally I was going to have the surgery in 2004 but circumstances didn't allow me to have it until 2007. I have many satisfied friends and co-workers that assisted in my decision.

-Karen Q.

Everyone was approachable and welcoming - "Real" people. Honest. It was pain-free and Dr. Reed made it as comfortable as could be when I was nervous. I trusted and still trust him with my vision. My primary doctor made the referral to Griffin & Reed. I felt great from my very first appointment. You know what you are doing and are great at it.

-Sandra S.

The whole process of this experience was wonderful. I am so impressed on how this office is run. I never had to wait for my appointment. I felt very confident going into the surgery because of all the tests I went through, and Dr. Reed's knowledge of my eyes. I knew I was in great hands! Dr. Reed ALWAYS took time in talking to me, telling me about the process. He is not only a great doctor but a great guy!

-Lorraine L.

I felt very comfortable at G&R. The staff were very nice and Dr. Maboudi was wonderful in answering all my questions. I decided I wanted Laser correction about 2-3 years ago. I started researching and going to different seminars. G&R was the only place were I could ask questions and the Dr's didn't make me feel bad for asking them. I felt very comfortable at G&R. Plus I have friends who have used G&R.

-Nicole S.

Everyone was very professional and friendly. Made sure I understood everything.

-Chris B.

Exceeded my expectations!! I see better than I had dared to hope to be able to! Going to Maui in a few weeks and can't wait to snorkel without contacts!! Dr. Maboudi rocks! I totally and completely trusted her! The BEST medical care in Sacramento! I'm a nurse, so I'm picky, but you all exceeded my expectations!! I made my decision to have Laser Vision Correction after a few years of research. I wanted the VERY BEST when it comes to my eyesight....the choice was obvious hands down! Griffin & Reed!!

-Sarah S.

I've never been treated better by any doctor's/dentist's office. It is apparent from the treatment of the staff and Dr. Reed, it is all about correcting people's vision and not just making money. Everyone was extremely professional, courteous and compassionate. I'm in the medical field and I have never seen or been treated as good as the professionals treated me at Griffin & Reed. I had Laser Vision Correction because I was tired of wearing glasses and contacts and science and technology was available for me to correct this problem without having to go bankrupt to do it. Suggestions? None. You guys have it nailed.

-Forrest M.

I was very scared but the staff and especially Dr. Reed were very kind and soothing and really helped me through it. I'm 110% happy with the outcome. Dr. Reed explained everything completely and the information packet helped a lot too. I can't believe how much better I see without my glasses! My vision is now 20/15 with is INCREDIBLE!!! : )

-Candace D.