Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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Everyone was kind and friendly. Everything involving my surgery went smoothly and was pleasant. I love the fact that I can "see" clearly from the moment I wake up.

-Lois H.

The medical staff is friendly, thorough and reassuring. It didn't hurt a bit! I lost my glasses and felt so free in spite of not being able to see. After 20 years of lenses, it seemed like the time to do it.

-Cindy B.

All the staff were very kind, caring, polite and knowledgeable. I was well prepared. Dr. Reed is so calm and approachable - able to ask anything. It is always good to know the surgeon had the procedure too. I had been having problems with my gas permeable lenses - dry eyes, poor night vision - this was a good solution. I also have friends who had the procedure and they are happy.

-Kathy M.

My mother referred me to you and I trust anyone my mom does! : ) I could tell after the first visit, I would be happy I did it! Perfect! Easy! Exciting!

-Tamara Z.

My surgical experience with your company was great from beginning to end.


-Christina G.

My neighbor had her eyes done by you 9 years ago and she still sees great! My husband had his eyes done last June and everything went well, just like y'all said! Dr. Melrose also told me of the success of his surgery years ago. I value that people have success and still feel good about it and can still see without glasses 10 years out (long term)! I was treated with the up most respect, compassion and competence. I appreciate your professionalism, patience and kindness. I also appreciate Dr. Reed talking to me all the way through the surgery, detail by detail.

-Marcy S.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Reed performing my procedure. He explained the procedure step by step and continued to monitor my progress throughout the surgery. I decided to have laser vision correction after wearing contact lenses for the past four years and my twin girls always removing my glasses.

-Larry L.

I'm very happy with my vision!

-Ruzanna H.

In 30 years as an adult and an attorney I have never experienced a finer professional office.

-Nancy B.

Dr. Reed was wonderful to work with. I really felt that he listened to my concerns. I had PRK. The procedure was painless, the recovery had its ups and downs but Reed let me know that it was expected. I see better now than I did with my contacts and there is no more itchy, burning eyes at the end of the day. All of the staff members at Griffin & Reed are friendly and easy to talk to. The staff is the most efficient medical staff and office I have ever encountered. Appointments were always on time which impressed me the most. They made me feel that my time is as important as theirs and because of it, I have recommended Griffin & Reed to my friends and family.

My fiancé Jay and I were so impressed with Dr. Reed and the entire office that Jay will be in later this year for LASIK. I want to express my appreciation to everyone in the office who was involved in enhancing my eyesight. I feel freer to enjoy life and no longer worry about spur of the moment outings.

Thank you.

-Heather F.