Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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Great Team. Always friendly and easy to talk to. Mrs. Nilu Maboudi, M.D., is a vision goddess and has by far made life for myself unlike anything I had imagined. Thank you for fulfilling my 34 year old wish.

- Kevin N.

I can't believe how pleasant and comfortable Dr. Reed made me feel. I was referred to Dr. Melrose by my doctor and I felt so comfortable and that he was trustworthy.

-Nadine H.

It was exactly as I'd hoped it would be.

-Meghan H.

Dr. Reed was very calming and comforting during the surgery. There were many follow up visits which I appreciate. I made my decision to have LASIK due to referrals from friends and relatives who had the surgery.

-Teri C.

Everyone involved was so nice. Dr. Reed was excellent in explaining everything as the surgery happened. The Dr. I first contacted locally only had a 1 hour eval. He didn't even mention anything about taking your contacts out! Griffin & Reed were very thorough from the seminar to the eval to the surgery to post-op appointments.

I'm actually still in denial that this has happened!

-Kristyn E

Everyone I had contact with was excellent. Everyone was willing to give me a thorough explanation of everything they were doing. It was quick and easy. Laser Vision Correction was something I thought about doing for years. I made the decision to do it when I realized I was going to have to wear my reading glasses around my neck on a chain.

-Mary H.

Couldn't be more welcoming and professional. It was great! Dr. Reed and his staff were and are wonderful! They reassured me every step of the way as they walked me through it all! I knew prior to moving to CA that it was something I wanted to do. My Dad told me to wait until I moved out here because Dr. Reed is "the best of the best", and upon meeting him, I agreed 100% : ) You guys are awesome! I've had glasses/contacts since I was 5 years old. It's so amazing not to need them anymore and actually see better without them!!

-Christa M.

Very professional and efficient. Dr. Maboudi explained everything as she was doing it in the procedure. She is very personable and a great asset to your office. My prescription was very high and I have a very active lifestyle. Contacts had become such a bother. The Seminar made if definite to have my surgery done at Griffin & Reed.

-Kelly K.

You are a class act - Excellent follow up. Everyone at Griffin & Reed was wonderful! I was very well prepared and it was a great experience. Dr. Reed and Dr. Melrose were kind, patient and very approachable and willing to answer any questions!

-Cathy M.

My experience at Griffin & Reed Eye Care was extremely enjoyable. G&R is very professional. My surgery was wonderful! It was quick and painless, staff and surgeon were very calming and encouraging - and willing to answer all my questions. Two things stand out in my mind as very positive aspects of my experience with G&R:

1. I really respect and appreciate that they wanted to place me with the same surgeon that performed my father-in-law's surgery (how I heard about G&R) AND that they made sure my initial consultation would be with that same surgeon.

2. It may seem small but I was so relieved to get a phone call from Dr. Reed minutes after I called in with a question about whether I got the right drops from the pharmacy pre-surgery.

I've waited for years to be a candidate until my prescription was stable. This was just the right time for that, and I was able financially to pay for it.


- Debbie J.