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Very exciting. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

-Barbara H.

I grin when I'm in Target and pass by the contact lens solutions - I'm free of them! I hated wearing contacts. My employer told me how wonderful his LASIK and his wife's LASIK procedures went. He said he wouldn't go anywhere but Griffin & Reed - so I made my appointment.

Poor eyesight --> Surgery --> Perfect eyesight. No complaints.

-Diane P.

Very positive and professional. In regard to suggestions, don't change one thing! What a blessing to not have to wear glasses.

-Bonnie M.

The whole experience was very positive and reassuring! I felt the laser surgery would finally free me from the burden of lenses/glasses! It did! My family had been encouraging me for years and I was finally ready!

-Susan H.

Professional and calming.

-Danielle C.

My experience at Griffin & Reed Eye Care was the best ever. They answer all your questions you could possibly think of. They are a well organized team. They explain everything to you and talk to you throughout the whole procedure letting you know what is going on. They are great people making sure you are ok. I decided to have LASIK at Griffin & Reed because I didn't want to have to worry about having to take out my contacts every night and I wondered if one day I would be able to see things at night without looking and searching for my glasses.

-Rebecca V.

Everything was great. All my expectations were met. Armstrong and Getty highly endorse Griffin & Reed. After attending the seminar I was ready.

-Eric B.