Does LASIK hurt?

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Does LASIK hurt? One of the concerns LASIK patients have is if there is any pain associated with the surgery.  The short answer is, No.  How is this accomplished?  Plenty of numbing eye drops are used during the procedure.  The drops are extremely effective blocking any feeling in your eyes.  You will also be given a mild sedative so that, although you are awake, you won't feel anything.  We realize this experience is new so we talk each patient through the process during surgery so there are no surprises. Sometimes patients comment on the unfamiliar feeling of the lid retainer used to prevent you from blinking during the surgery but it isn't a painful sensation.  Normally what we hear from patients after surgery is they feel a mild scratchy sensation in their eyes.  This quickly goes away as the eye heals.  We also provide patients with drops to address any after surgery sensations such as scratchiness.  No pain medications are usually required and you should be able to return to work the next day.If you would like to schedule a free LASIK evaluation with one of our doctors, please contact our LASIK department at 916-485-2020 or click here to email us.