LASIK Review - Woodland, CA

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The healing time was longer than I thought but I had a great experience. (Why did you select Griffin & Reed Eye Care for your laser vision correction?) I had other consultations but they were more about the price/cost and very pushy but I felt like Dr. Maboudi was more about my eyes and wanting the best for me and my eyes. She was not pushy at all! Like she said if she won't do it on a family member, she won't on her patients! What could be better than not having to put your glasses on just to look at something? Or have to put in your contacts, it saves me some time in my morning routine. (What was your favorite moment during your time with us?) How fast the procedure was and that I got a call from Dr. Maboudi the next day to check up on me, the actual doctor who did my surgery!

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Mantong L.