LASIK Review

Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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Well, what can I say. Five months ago I wanted LASIK surgery but was, like most people, concerned about messing around with my eyesight. I men, it's my eyes we're talking about here! But that's just it. These folks know this stuff! I met the G & R staff and Dr. Reed in particular, and knew immediately this was the place for me. From the first consultation, the first exam, through the procedure itself, and in the follow up. Everyone dealt with my concerns, questions, and apprehensions with honesty and understanding. Oh, and don't forget the important part.they did a great job! Between the latest and best technology and the best surgeons, the results are amazing.

So now it's been almost two months and I'm even more convinced I did the right thing and came to the right place. Most days I go back and forth between forgetting I even had LASIK, because my eyesight is so great it just seems like it's always been this way.and realizing how great a job G & R did because I'm literally seeing everything in a new way.

Thanks for everything!

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Jay Alan