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To My Friends at Griffin & Reed,

I have been enjoying my new 20/20 vision for 10 years now! I still have people ask me about my News 10 series on Laser Eye Surgery. In 1994, I followed patients of Dr. Griffin and Dr. Reed as they headed to Canada for PRK. We documented their experiences and later followed up to see how they were doing. I was so impressed with the results I returned to Canada as a patient, reporting on my own eye surgery. That was all before the FDA had approved the procedure in this country. Of course, now Laser Eye Surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the U.S.

I appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Griffin & Dr. Reed and their staff. They obviously care deeply about their patients. About a year or so after the series they hosted a wonderful reception of patients celebrating their life without glasses or contacts. It was an evening filled with emotional testimonials and gratitude.

I'm proud to think my news series helped educate Northern Californians about this life changing surgery, and I'm grateful for the connections made with experienced doctors and local patients.

Best wishes for continued success.

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Jennifer Smith