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Dr. Reed,

I just wanted to drop a note to you to say thank you. Second only to the birth of my children, the LASIK eye surgery you performed on me is the single most profound, life changing event that I have experienced.

I began wearing glasses when I was five years old. I wore those glasses until high school. And not just any glasses. I had "coke bottles". My glasses were the biggest glasses most people had ever seen. I always won that game of comparing who had the most powerful prescription. Funny now, but not at the time. I was able to get into contact lenses in high school. I really thought that was it. I was finally rid of the glasses, but contacts have their drawbacks too. Because of my severe prescription, the contacts were enormous. They never really fit that well either. I always had to mess with them. Not to mention the countless bottles of solutions I went through. My eyes were often red and irritated. I could really only wear them for part of the day, but that was better than those glasses. I wore contacts for almost twenty years before my eye surgery. Needless to say, I was eager to have the procedure.

What I respect most about you and your staff is your honesty and integrity. I came to you for several years and had many visits before you took on my case. You told me from the first exam that you did not have the technology to tackle my particular combination of conditions. You also told me that other eye surgeons might attempt to do the surgery, but really it was best to wait, no matter how eager I was. You told me you would do the surgery ONLY when you had the right combination of equipment and skills and that I could be confident knowing it would be done correctly.

As tough as that was to hear, it was the proper thing to do. The time did come and the surgery did happen. Now I can see without glasses or contacts. I really didn't believe it was possible. I had no idea what a change it would make. No more that five minutes in the chair. Two quick zaps. Things have never been the same.

Thank you,
Radio Personality - KSSJ

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Ken Jones