LASIK Review

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I got my first pair of glasses in the 8th grade. A pair of those old thick-rimmed nerd glasses guaranteed to get you beaten up during recess. My wife, Holly, got her first pair even earlier, in the 2nd grade. Over the years we spent a small fortune on glasses, prescription sunglasses, contacts and contact solutions.

We had both considered LASIK in the past but had a long list of concerns and questions that had never been addressed to our satisfaction, until we sat down with the doctors and staff here. When we did we learned what you will learn. You will learn that the results the doctors here get are unsurpassed; that Griffin & Reed is a repository of experience, excellence and professionalism that is unmatched. Dr. Reed even put his eyes where his mouth is by having the procedure done himself and treats every patient as if that patient's eyes were his own.

You will find that Griffin & Reed employs advanced technology and a sense of obligation to you, the patient that not only impressed us but has made us enthusiastic cheerleaders for Griffin & Reed Eye Care. Our vision is now excellent. But the value of LASIK surgery by Griffin & Reed was really driven home to us during our visit to Baghdad, Iraq for my series, "Voices of Soldiers" broadcasts when we had to cope with a massive sand-storm and temperatures nearing 130-degrees with zero-percent humidity. Glasses or contacts (especially contacts) would have been a huge problem in that environment. Hopefully you will never have the point driven home as forcefully but you will still get the point when the world suddenly comes into focus every time you open your eyes!

As we write this it has been nearly a year and there are times when I still move to take my glasses off when I wash my face or reach for them on the night stand because I see things so clearly that, in my mind, I must still be wearing the glasses that I have worn since the 8th grade!

No pain and nothing scary. These guys are the absolute best!

We love these guys! If you are on the fence about LASIK we have two words for you: "Do it!" .okay, four words: "Griffin & Reed!" See clearly without that albatross on the bridge of your nose or those foreign objects stuck in your eye balls.

Mark Williams
Talk Show Host