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Griffin & Reed Eye Care literally changed my life! Before I had LASIK surgery, I had to wear contacts or glasses at all times. It was such as hassle for an active guy like me, and even made it impossible to do something as simple as take a nap!

Tired of having to gouge at my eyes and be concerned with the contact lenses that were literally stuck to my eye-ball, I sought out Griffin & Reed Eye Care. Dr. Reed and Dr. Melrose took the time to explain the entire LASIK process, outlined how they minimize any risk and what I could do to ensure a positive outcome. All my fears were put to rest. A procedure that took less than 10 minutes in totality liberated me for a lifetime.

Since then, I'm not only still seeing clearly, but I continue to consistently register vision that's better than 20/20! It is with complete conviction and confidence that I 100% recommend the Griffin & Reed Eye Care experience.


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Rob Williams