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Dear Dr. Reed, Dr. Melrose, Brad, Sabrena and all of the wonderful staff at Griffin & Reed Eye Care:

Thank you all so much for making my LASIK experience so easy and satisfying. It's only been a week since my surgery, but my life has already changed tremendously! I can see so much better now than I ever did with contacts, and the healing process has been a piece of cake. I really thought I would be doomed to a life of dry, gritty contact lenses or inconvenient, uncomfortable glasses forever. Thanks to all of you, I am finally free!

My contacts used to always inhibit my active lifestyle. Racing motorcycles is my passion, and I was always having trouble on the track with my contacts. When fractions of a second count, a dry or itchy lens can be the different between a good finish and a bad one. In my professional life, making an impression is crucial. Meeting the 98 Rock listeners without my glasses or red eyes from my contacts helps me really present my true self.

Everyone at Griffin & Reed was so friendly and comforting, you all helped make my LASIK surgery stress-free - and the results are far beyond what I hoped for!

Thanks for everything!

Radio Personality - 98 Rock

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Leigh Taylor