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Dear Griffin and Reed Eye Care,
Greetings from Ohio.

It's been six years since my LASIK Surgery, so I want to update you on my eyes and my life.Ohio is beautiful this time of year and I want you to know I'm still seeing everything crystal clear thanks to you. I think about my LASIK correction every time I hit a golf ball or look out on the gorgeous green countryside.

But back in December, I thought my eyes were deceiving me after I gazed out my front window to see snow so deep it was covering my mailbox. Needless to say, during my first Cleveland winter I saw things I had never seen before.

So far, the family is adjusting well to Ohio. We settled in a fantastic neighborhood about 15 minutes south of Lake Erie. Everything here is family oriented and the children love it. Living in a cold climate can be quite a challenge, but also quite beautiful. Thankfully we made it through our first winter without losing any of our kids in a snowdrift.

But now, we're in the middle of warm summer days and breezy nights - so the winter seems like a distant memory.

At any rate, I miss everyone at the office. Please say hello to the Doctors and give the staff my best.

And thanks again for the 20/20 vision. I really do enjoy it every day.

5 & 11pm Anchor

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Paul Joncich