LASIK Testimonial - Sacramento, CA

Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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Dr. Melrose helped me by showing me how my LASIK surgery would be using contacts. Dr. Maboudi took over from there and Sabrena helped with the little questions. I had PRK surgery with Dr. Maboudi. The surgery was fun. The doctor explained what was happening the whole time in a lovely manner. I did a lot of research on the Internet and asked everybody I knew if they had any experience. Everybody I talked to loved the outcome, but a couple of people had dry eyes after LASIK, so I opted for PRK, but those people (dry-eyes) were not Griffin & Reed patients. 3 out of every 5 people I talked to were Griffin & Reed patients. I am stunned at how well my surgery turned out. I have worn glasses for 30+ years and they got more expensive and they scratch easier and as I got older they felt heavier. I really enjoy sports a lot more, things are brighter now (more light in my eyes) and I love watching TV in bed.

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Margaret Y.