LASIK Testimonial - Vacaville, CA

Providing crystal clear vision to Sacramento, Roseville, & nearby areas of California

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My experience at Griffin & Reed Eye Care was extremely enjoyable. G&R is very professional. My surgery was wonderful! It was quick and painless, staff and surgeon were very calming and encouraging - and willing to answer all my questions. Two things stand out in my mind as very positive aspects of my experience with G&R:

1. I really respect and appreciate that they wanted to place me with the same surgeon that performed my father-in-law's surgery (how I heard about G&R) AND that they made sure my initial consultation would be with that same surgeon.

2. It may seem small but I was so relieved to get a phone call from Dr. Reed minutes after I called in with a question about whether I got the right drops from the pharmacy pre-surgery.

I've waited for years to be a candidate until my prescription was stable. This was just the right time for that, and I was able financially to pay for it.

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Debbie J.