What is Monovision LASIK?

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Whats is Monovision LASIK? Monovision LASIK treats the condition of Presbyopia.  What is presbyopia?  Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the lens of your eye loses its flexibility, thereby making it difficult for you to focus on close objects.  Presbyopia is something that will happen to all of us as we age.  Normally it starts to impact people around the age of 40 and most who have presbyopia use bifocals or reading glasses to see objects at close distances.  Monovision is yet another option for patients with Presbyopia.  What is monovision?  Monovision maximizes the versatility of your vision for doing everyday tasks such as looking at your dashboard while driving, computer work or checking the time on your watch.  With LASIK, this is done by treating one eye for distance and the other for up close vision.  The brain then picks the best picture for the task at hand and uses that image.  It is done automatically and has been used in contact lenses for many, many years. We discuss and test monovision on each patient considering LASIK who is presbyopic.  We do this initially with trial frames in our office during your free evaluation with one of our doctors.  However, we also don't expect a patient to decide during their visit if this is right for them since some adjustment is usually required.  If monovision is a consideration, we will try and fit you in contact lenses so that you can experience monovision as close to how it will appear with laser treatment as possible.  What if you are presbyopic and undecided about whether or not you should have monovision after trying it out?  The great thing about Monovision LASIK is that should you select this as your treatment option and later change your mind, it can be removed.  If you have it removed, the result would be both eyes treated for distance vision and reading glasses would be needed for up close vision. Many doctors do not offer Monovision LASIK or they attempt to counsel patients away from it.  This is usually due to one of three reasons: 1.  The doctor doesn't believe in it. 2.  The doctor's focus is on volume, not quality. It takes significant extra time (sometimes several hours or several visits) to effectively evaluate and correctly treat a patient with Monovision LASIK. 3.  The doctor wants to keep selling the patient reading glasses. The truth about Monovision LASIK is that it is a fantastic option for most patients with presbyopia and that is why we show it to every patient where it might be an option for them.  We firmly believe in educating patients on all of their options so they can make an informed, educated decision.  If you would like additional information on Monovision LASIK or would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors in Sacramento or Roseville, please contact our LASIK department at 916-485-2020 or click here to email us.