PRK Patient Rebecca Shares Her Griffin & Reed Eye Care Experience

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Hinsley, I work in [the] financial industry in an office, so I stare at a computer a lot. I mean I've worn contacts since I was super little and glasses since like 6th grade, and I hated having to put in my eyes every day and take my eyes out every night. If I wanted to take a nap, if I slept in with my contacts in, my eyes would hurt. I got headaches all the time. It was horrible. Without my contacts, I couldn't see. I couldn't see which kid was talking to me. I couldn't see the clock at night. I couldn't see the TV. Pretty much, I put my glasses on in the morning from my nightstand, walk to the bathroom, put in my contacts. I never went without everything because I couldn't see.

So, I was just--you know the hassle of having contacts. I didn't want to live like that anymore, and then my sister also had LASIK, and she loved it. I was actually thinking about it for quite a while. I came in, had a consultation and I kind of got freaked out and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it or not and then we were getting ready to go on a trip to Hawaii and it kind of sparked me that if I want to go snorkeling, I would be able to see the fish a lot better. I wouldn't have to wear my contacts, so we finally scheduled the surgery just a little bit before we went to Hawaii.

I just had heard a lot about Griffin & Reed, through radio commercials, through friends at work. I was matched up with Dr. Kim. It was actually just how I lucked out, but my girlfriend at work who had surgery, that was her same doctor, and she really liked him. He was great. He made me very calm, explained all questions very well. Each time I came in, he seemed like he totally remembered who I was, knew that I was getting ready for the Hawaii trip and always just wanted to chat and also helped me with my eyes.

I had PRK. When he first explained it to me, I was kind of like: Well, why can't I have LASIK? And all upset that I couldn't have regular LASIK, but the more he talked about it and explained the different procedure, I kind of figured it was probably more up my alley. The actual procedure part I think I was just more concerned that I was looking in the right spot. And then once the first eye was done, I was like okay we're half way there and then I did the second eye, and it kind of seems like a long time when you're in it, but in reality, it's not long at all.

The after effects of dry eyes, like you know, for a while they were pretty dry, and I'd wake up in the middle of the night and have to do them a few months after, but now I don't have to do them nearly as much. I would say the nicest thing, the easiest thing, is just getting ready to go to bed. Every night, I think okay, am I done? Have I brushed my teeth? Have I taken my medications? And, I don't have to take my contacts out, I'm all done! That's the best part I would say is just not having to do that daily routine of taking contacts out and putting them in. It's nice.

I'm actually 20/20, and I can see great. It's amazing. I can see in the middle of the night. I can see great during the day. One thing I do notice a difference in is my boyfriend has a jeep, and he likes to have the top off a lot or the doors off, and so it's breezy. Well, my eyes would get really dry with contacts, and now they don't bother me nearly as much as they used to.

I am the type of person that hates doctors office. I faint very easily. I can't stand anything to have to do with the body, but I did it, and I got through it, and I don't regret it at all.

It was great! I never went snorkeling because the weather wasn't very good, but I could see. 

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